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Operation Organize Me 

Organizing & More

Organizing Services For Every Space!

Services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Functional Design Services For all Spaces
  • Closet Design Services (with container store elfa products)
  • Storage Units
  • Air BnB prep
  • Clutter Control - Clutter can weigh you down both physically and mentally. I'll teach you how to clear it away for good and open up space in both your environment and mind.
  • Time Management -Are you always late? running behind? feeling rushed? I will help you to prioritize, plan, and set realistic goals, all key to achieving more time for enjoying life.
  • Memorabilia- How many of us have photos, books and collections from our past just sitting in cardboard boxes? Your mementos should be cherished and cared for by organizing and storing them in a way that protects them for years of enjoyment.
  • Holiday Services -Christmas Tree set up, Cards, Decorating, Gift Wrap and, take down, organize and store your decorations for next year.
  • Elder Transitions- I can help you or a loved one move from a larger home with an accumulation of lifetime treasures, to a smaller more efficient space. I can assist with choosing what to take, how best to transport it, and then arrange everything in the new space and more!

Onsite Services

Whether you're looking for a full transformation or just a finishing touch, we specialize in providing systems and solutions that fit your lifestyle.

How it Works

1. Book a consult. This is our time to get to know you and your space. Once we determine your goals and walk through your daily routine, we'll create a customized organizing plan to march your needs.

2. Receive an estimate. we break it down by space, providing a quote for time and product needed (if need it) to complete the project.

3. Schedule your service. If booking multiple spaces, we'll start with your highest priority and go from there!

4. Transform your space. We'll have a few questions for you during the purging process, bur other than that... sit back, relax and let us work our magic! (Book Now)

Virtual Services

Feel like tackling an organizing project by yourself but still could use our help (and gold star motivation) along the way? Our virtual service will provide the tools you need to get organized on your own time.

$895 (Purchase) ( buy as a gift card)

How it works

1. Communication

email correspondence with organizer throughout the project, review of photos and measurements of your space.

2. Collaboration

Help with setting goals and expectations for the project consideration of aesthetic preferences.

3. Customization

A personalized shopping list of products created by organizer.

4. Completion

A virtual session (up to 30 min.) with organizer to assess the final space and one-time minor adjustments, if needed *Virtual DIY is limited to one space per package * Project to be completed within 45 days from start date of first correspondence.